Our Story - Freestyle & Co.

Antoinette D. in her living roomI’m Antoinette, the founder and CEO of Freestyle & Co! I have spent endless hours searching for unique and meaningful products to share with you. My requirements are not complicated, yet few brands meet them: all merchandise featured in my shop must be well-crafted, eye-catching, and innovative in design. 

Freestyle & Co provides a range of products from independent artists and creators that I personally love. Every product featured in the shop to matches our brand vision of providing unique  lifestyle gifts for a variety of occasions.  

After spending over fifteen years in the fashion industry, I have assembled a collection that reflects my refined taste. I worked as a visual merchandiser, a fashion show producer, and an expert retailer. Now, sharing my passion for unique and meaningful products with the world is the obvious next step in my professional journey. 

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Happy Shopping,

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